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Anthony Sammarco: Lost Boston

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With support from: Lowell Institute
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

In 1876 the Old South Meeting House was auctioned off for the value of its parts and was being dismantled when people rallied to save it! But other historic structures in Boston have not fared so well. The original Museum of Fine Arts in Copley Square, John Hancock's Beacon Hill mansion, the Huntington Avenue Grounds and the original Boston Opera House are just a few of the places that have been lost to decline or the wrecker's ball. Discover just how much we have lost when historian Anthony Sammarco takes us on a nostalgic and eye-opening journey to a wide range of Boston places that can no longer be seen.

Anthony M. Sammarco is a noted historian and author of more than forty books on the history of Boston and surrounding cities and towns. Sammarco teaches history at the Urban College of Boston.