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Amy McCoy: Poor Girl Gourmet

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Learn a lesson in eating well, but frugally, from blogger and now cookbook writer Amy McCoy. When the economic recession cut into Amy McCoy's food budget, she was determined to continue eating well even though she was on a budget. As a result she started the blog *Poor Girl Gourmet* as a way to document and share her experiences. In her new cookbook, also called *Poor Girl Gourmet*, McCoy breaks down the costs for each dish while also offering money-saving strategies, including tips for growing and preserving your own food, as well as ideas for quick and delicious family meals. Each recipe serves at least four people, so it's perfect for families on a budget--because eating well while saving money is something that appeals to all of us. McCoy, knowing that a gourmet meal is enhanced by the proper wine, also reviews more than 25 affordable wine varietals and blends, with pairing suggestions for many of the dishes. And there is a chapter of splurges ($15 to $30 per entre for a family of four) for when you're feeling fancy.

Amy McCoy once enjoyed gourmet food with little concern for price, when she was a successful freelance producer for network and cable television. Then the recession hit and the freelance work all but disappeared. But in the economic downturn, McCoy found her mission: to eat the best food she and her husband could while spending as little as possible. To that end, McCoy created her blog, poorgirlgourmet.blogspot.com, where she offers up her insights alongside delicious gourmet recipes that are inexpensive to prepare. McCoy lives on a gentleman's farm in southeastern Massachusetts.