Today on The Culture Show, host and GBH News Executive Arts Editor Jared Bowen wraps up a series of interviews with the ICA’s 2023 Foster Prize Winners with artist Venetia Dale. As a metalsmith and sculptor, Dale’s work looks at objects, their utility and people’s relationship to the things in their lives: what they need, what they delight in, and what they’ve relegated to the junk drawer. Dale is also interested in the incomplete and the imperfect — themes that she’s been exploring since she became a mother.

Then we segue into a Celtic Sojourn. Beloved Somerville pub, The Burren, is keeping the legacy of GBH's very own Brian O’Donovan alive by way of an ongoing legacy series in his memory. We talk to local musicians Matt and Shannon Heaton about their upcoming performance in the space.

Finally, independent curator Pedro Alonzo joins the show to talk about Keith Haring and how his influence lives on today in the street art that is breathing life into our public spaces and shaking us out of our complacency, as well as how Haring and Basquiat work in conversation with one another. Alonzo also weighs in on the art installations across downtown.

It's all on The Culture Show — listen to the full episode above!