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Bostonians Reflect On The Year That Has Passed Since The Murder Of George Floyd

"My hope is that law enforcement is talking about the work they need to do... value other people's lives."
Turahn Dorsey

"Everything's still the same to me because people are still getting killed."
Robin Gibbons

"It's one step in the right direction. Hopefully, they'll be many more. Hopefully, people will take the issue of police brutality more seriously."
Hakeem Muhammad

"I think it brought more awareness to the problems in our justice system, and our role as privileged white people, that not only to acknowledge the problems, but to speak up and do something about them."
Lindsey Baker

"It changed my thinking in how people aren't really as different inside, they just look different on the outside."
Lindalee Baker

"Make sure that we live in a community that is accommodating, that is so hopeful. And at the end of the day, that is so lovely."
Presley Obasohan

"I think there is a facade of change. That every time something like this happens it kind of unveils a lot, and it's hard to change systems."
Chan Lynn

"It's made me feel like I need to step up and really try to make a difference in the world, and really try to use this example in the sense of this horror that has happened to really say, what impact do I want to leave on future generations?"
David Corbie

"I think the outcome is just a much greater awareness of our own privilege as a white person my relationship with the police, and how that's not necessarily the same for all. And that I need to take that into consideration every time I walk down the street, and to make sure that I see what I need to see."
Susan Buckley

"I don't feel a change, not yet, but I feel like there is some understanding of what the problem is."
Anthony Simmons

"My parents thought that I would be sheltered from a lot of this stuff being up here in the northeast, where things are more liberal, more progressive. And yet you never, you can't escape it. It's always there."
Fritz Hyppolite