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WGBH Science Programs

science directed gifts

Making Science Accessible

WGBH is committed to improving science literacy. Whether taking viewers on a cosmic journey into space or an expedition to the bottom of the sea, Nova and Nova ScienceNow tackle the big questions and demystify the complexities of science. Support for our science programs allows WGBH to continue to introduce viewers to the people who are changing the world we live in — and the science and technology that is changing the way we live in it.

Directed gifts make science programs possible.

"Our approach is simple: We find drama in the stories that reveal the quirky brilliance and undaunted persistence of the people who so often pave the way for scientific progress. While our cable and commercial competitors are tripping over each other for the best tsunami, the scariest shark, or the latest unsolved mystery, Nova takes on the big questions — string theory, evolution, epigenetics — and gives them the time and care they require, on air and online."
-Paula Apsell, senior executive producer of WGBH's Nova

Need more information on WGBH directed gifts?

If you are interested in supporting the WGBH Science Programs with a directed gift, please contact: Win Lenihan, Vice President of Development at WGBH: or 617.300.3804.