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WGBH Documentary Investment Group

Documentary Directed Gifts

Making History for Public Media

The WGBH Documentary Investment Group was developed to bring together individuals who are passionate about history and documentary film, who understand their relevance in examining current issues, and who want to be instrumental in bringing these films to life by making a philanthropic investment in American Experience productions.

These investments complement funding from corporations and foundations and provide the American Experience team with the working capital necessary to bring history to life through film. WGBH Documentary Investment Group members are, in turn, given the opportunity to meet filmmakers and producers, attend special screenings and events, and learn the ins and outs of the filmmaking process.

Directed gifts make documentary programs possible.

"American Experience is committed to telling challenging stories about the diverse communities that make up this nation. For presenters of history to succeed, we must use every resource available, not only to reach history buffs, but also to help spark the next generation’s interest in the subject. We strive to do both at American Experience and hope that when teachers race to a bookstore to purchase the next great history book, their students will be right behind them."
- Mark Samels, executive producer of WGBH's American Experience

Need more information on WGBH directed gifts?

If you are interested in supporting the WGBH Documentary Investment Group with a directed gift, please contact: Win Lenihan, Vice President of Development at WGBH: or 617.300.3804.