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Staggering CEO Paychecks, ESPN E:60's Steve Marantz, And A Very Russian July 4th Tradition

Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street. CEO pay soared in 2012, recalling earlier flush times for company heads.
Gaynoir_ / Flickr

  • Sen. Robert Hedlund and UMass Boston professor Erin O'Brien talked politics.
  • CEO pay in 2012 was staggeringly high. Margery and guest host Peter Kadzis opened up the lines to ask callers what they thought.
  • The Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III talked about violence plaguing Boston's poorest communities.
  • Steve Marantz, who works for ESPN's "E:60," talked about his new book, Next Up At Fenway: A Story Of High School, Hope And Lindos Sueños.
  • Opera singer Elena Zoubareva talked to Margery and Peter about the odd tradition of playing a distinctly Russian song for the US's Independence Day.
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