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Somerville's Davis Square Prepares to 'HONK!'


It's about to get loud in Somerville's Davis Square. Brass instruments loud. Activist street band loud. HONK! loud.

This weekend, the seventh annual HONK! festival descends on Davis Square. The yearly festival gathers activist street bands who—over four days—will bring attention to causes near and dear to their hearts and—more importantly—blast loud, live music into the skies above the square. 

If you've never been to HONK!  and you're wondering what it's all about, expect it to be a little something like this:

Only bigger.

Over the past seven years, what began as an impromptu gathering of 12 bands in Somerville for a weekend of free music and a raucous good time, has turned organized gathering of more than 30 bands in Somerville for a weekend of even more free music and an even more raucous good time. 

"This year's festival will be bigger than ever." said Ken Field, HONK! organizer and member of the Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society Brass Band. How much bigger? "Fifty percent bigger than just last year. We'll have more than 30 bands from all over: Rome, New Orleans, California, and right here in Massachusetts."

Ken will get the party started for us on Friday afternoon, when he stops by the Boston Public Radio studios to chat.



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