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Singer-Songwriter Danielle Miraglia Live In Studio Three

Danielle Miraglia joined Jim Braude and Margery Eagan in Studio Three on Friday for an interview and performance.
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Singer-songwriter Danielle Miraglia grew up in Revere, Massachusetts, and describes herself as "Boston-born and -raised."

Miraglia went to Emerson College with the intention of becoming a writer, but "it seemed like too much of a task to actually write a novel," she joked. Miraglia decided to take a chance on music.

"When I first graduated and I first started writing songs, my songs were way too wordy, because I was thinking like a creative-writing major," she said. "You can be really descriptive without describing every little detail."

She built up confidence doing open mic events at cafes before launching into full-fledged gigs.

"The first one I ever did was the Kendall Café in Cambridge, Mass. [...] I was a little bit scared, but people are kind when you go to open mics."

A few years later, Miraglia has shared a stage with the likes of Johnny Winter and Joan Osborne. She's released two albums — Nothing Romantic and Box of Troubles — and has a third on the way.

Danielle Miraglia stopped by WGBH's Studio Three to play a few tunes from her upcoming release, Glory Junkies.

You can hear the entire BPR interview with Danielle Miraglia below. Catch her album release party May 8th at the Davis Square Theater.


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