Voters in Milton just rejected a zoning plan aimed at bringing that town in line with the MBTA Communities Law, which requires communities located near the T to allow multifamily development. The law, which was passed during the Baker Administration, is aimed at bolstering Massachusetts' housing stock and making it at least a bit easier than it currently is to buy a home in the state.

Gov. Maura Healey has expressed disappointment in the outcome and Attorney General Andrea Campbell is vowed to enforce the law, which she notes doesn't include an opt-out provision. But it's not entirely clear how Healey, Campbell and other lawmakers will respond if Milton doesn't adopt a plan that brings them into compliance.

It's also not clear that the people who drove Milton's "no" vote have any desire to craft such a solution. If Milton says no unequivocally, will other communities follow suit? And what might that mean for ongoing efforts to address the dearth of housing in Massachusetts? Adam Reilly discusses the situation with Boston Globe columnist and Milton resident Shirley Leung and GBH News transportation reporter Bob Seay.

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