Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey issued final regulations today for daily fantasy sports sites in the state.

The regulations limit play on sites like Boston-based DraftKings to players aged 21 or over. Healey told reporters on Friday that she's concerned about student debt.

"For today's 18-to-21-year-olds, who are mired in and facing incredible debt right now already, I don't want them to be able to put on more debt with the click of a button using an app in their pocket," Healey said.

The new regulations also ban betting on college sports, and try to level the playing field by ensuring that beginners aren’t competing against experienced players.

“These are regulations that are the most comprehensive in the country, the most robust in terms of consumer protections and the right kind of measure to put in place to protect consumers, to protect young people, to ensure that we have a level, fair, playing field for those who wish to play daily fantasy sports.”

The regulations limit a player’s potential losses to $1,000 per month, unless the sites can prove that a player can afford to lose more than that.

DraftKings issued a statement Friday saying the company intends to full comply with the Massachusetts regulations.

"We appreciate the leadership of the Attorney General and her office and their willingness to have a meaningful dialogue about issues of importance to our industry,” said DraftKings Chief Financial Officer Tim Dent. “The regulations put forth today by Attorney General Healy [SIC] are tough, but we will comply. We will continue to work with policymakers across the country to ensure that fantasy contests are fun and fair for the tens of millions of sports fans who enjoy playing them.”