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Local News Roundtable | December 16, 2018

Local News: The Boston City Council Race Heats Up And The South End Says Goodbye To Its Favorite Mailman

Boston City Hall
Public Domain
Local News Roundtable | December 16, 2018

2020 is on the horizon, but the 2019 Boston City Council election is around the corner — and heating up fast. And in the South End, an iconic figure is retiring – its mailman of more than 32 years. And finally, how is Massachusetts spending its settlement money from the Volkswagen emissions scandal? It’s our local news round table.

Jennifer Smith - News editor of the Dorchester Reporter
Gin Dumcius - Boston-based reporter for
Seth Daniel - Senior reporter with the Independent News Group, which includes the Chelsea Record and Revere Journal.

Read some of the stories we discussed today:

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