Tensions Build In Iran As Fallout Continues From U.S. Killing Of Soleimani
Days after President Donald Trump ordered the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in a drone strike while he was in Iraq, fallout continues with vows of revenge, words of caution from other world powers, and a vote by Iraq’s parliament to order the removal of U.S. troops from that country.

Jim Braude hosted guests Lt. General Jack Weinstein, former deputy chief of staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration for the United States Air Force and current professor at Boston University's Pardee School of Global Studies, Shirin Jaafari, a reporter for PRI’s The World produced at WGBH, and Middle East and North African consultant Nasser Weddady on Greater Boston Monday to discuss the issues.

A Historically Diverse Boston City Council Is Sworn In
Boston inaugurated its new City Councilors Monday, marking the first time that the body was both majority-female and majority-people of color, many of whom have expressed big new ideas for the city’s future. The change not only reflected a years-long shift in demographics and political power in Boston, but also illustrated a local electorate looking for new ideas and perspectives on issues ranging from economic inequality and surging housing prices to transportation woes, education access, and more.

New City Council President Kim Janey, newly-elected Fifth Distrcit Coucnilor Ricardo Arroyo and newly-elected at-large Councilor Julia Mejia, who won her race by one vote, joined Jim Braude to talk about what lies ahead for the governing body.

IMHO: Climate Change Villain
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how the Prime Minister of Australia has failed his country, now engulfed in flames.