Giuliani’s Associates Are Arrested As Impeachment Rolls On
Investigations collided this week as two key witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment investigation werearrested late Wednesday and charged with campaign finance violations in a separate case. The two men are associates of Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and have been charged by federal prosecutors with conspiracy and lying to the FEC about donations they made to a pro-Trump Super PAC last year. Both men had been scheduled to appear before Congress this week about their connection to Giuliani’s alleged efforts to pressure Ukraine for dirt on the Biden family.

To discuss all this and more, Jim Braude was joined by Bruce Singal, who worked alongside Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston, and Gautam Mukunda, a Harvard Kennedy School fellow and author of "Indespensible: When Leaders Really Matter."

‘Shared Sisterhood’ Brings Together Boston-Area Women To Tackle Tough Conversations On Race
From the suffragettes fighting for the vote, to the tens of thousands who marched in the Women’s March to protest Trump's inauguration, there has long been concerns for many that the movement for gender equality has largely been dominated by white women. One local woman is working to change that by hosting workshops where women of all backgrounds gather to discuss their personal experiences with race and ways to join together in combating racism.

Jim Braude was joined by Tina Opie, a visiting associate professor at MIT and an associate professor at Babson College who created the initiative, called "Shared Sisterhood," Michaela Hava, a participant in the project who is also a teacher in the Greater Boston area, and Lindsey Vizvary Galvao, a participant in the project who is a faculty member at the Dana Hall School.

Taking Up Space And Not Being Sorry With Worcester's Roller Derby League
An old sport is attracting a new generation of women athletes. They're strapping on roller skates and finding not only fun, but also a kind of power, on the rink. Anna Kusmer takes us to the Habitat For Sports Complex in Uxbridge.

IMHO: What’s The New Unhealthy Food Now?
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the ever-changing rules about what is and isn’t good for you.