US Troop Withdrawal In Syria Brings A Rare Republican Rebuke Of Trump
President Donald Trump announced Sunday that the United States would withdraw from the small buffer zone between northern Syria and Turkey, leaving longtime Kurdish allies on their own as Turkey reportedly prepares for an attack. The sudden change, made without consultation of many defense officials or Congressional leaders, drew rare criticism from Republicans who are usually loathe to do so.

To discuss what this means for American foreign policy and national politics, Jim Braude was joined by Rufus Gifford, former U.S. ambassador to Denmark and former finance director for the Obama reelection campaign, and Middle East and North Africa consultant Nasser Weddady, who spent much of his childhood in Syria as the son of the Mauritanian ambassador.

How A Somerville-Based Nonprofit Is Driving The Democrats' Small-Donor Revolution
When Elizabeth Warren announced that big-money donors won't get special access to her campaign, it was a gamble, but not as risky a move as it would have been just a few years ago. Over the last few election cycles, small-dollar donations have become a staple, especially for Democrats. And as Adam Reilly tells us that shift in the way campaign finance works can be traced, in large part, to an outfit based in Somerville's Davis Square.

Bryan Rafanelli, Party Planner For The Obamas & Clintons, Shares His Rules For Success
He was the mastermind behind Chelsea Clinton's wedding, as well as multiple state dinners and White House Christmases for President Barack Obama. Now, Bryan Rafanelli gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he put these events together, and shares some of his secrets to success in his new book, "A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration."

Jim Braude was joined by Bryan Rafanelli.

IMHO: The Trump Family’s Conflicts Of Interest
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on why President Donald Trump’s children are fair game for examination, too, if the president is going to criticize Hunter Biden.