Darrell Jones, Freed After 32 Years In Prison, On His Upcoming Retrial
After spending 32 years in prison for a murder he has always claimed he didn’t commit, Darrell Jones was released 18 months ago when a judge ruled he had not received a fair trial — citing racial animus on the part of at least one juror and evidence of police altering a key piece of video evidence. Now, Jones faces a retrial as Plymouth County prosecutors seek to find him guilty again.

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Jim Braude was joined by Darrell Jones and his lawyer, Paul Rudof, ahead of the beginning of court proceedings on Monday.

How To Become A ‘Bitcoin Billionaire’
What is bitcoin, and how do you get rich off of it? In his new book, author Ben Mezrich tells the story of how the Winklevoss twins — known to most as the brothers who sued Mark Zuckerberg for supposedly stealing their idea for Facebook — went on to became "Bitcoin Billionaires."

Jim Braude was joined by Ben Mezrich to learn more about this new and growing form of investing.

Bears In Boston?
Wild turkey roam many suburban streets, and it's not that unusual to spot fox or deer in some neighborhoods. But lately another critter has been wandering local backyards. Tina Martin reports on why black bears are coming closer to the city – and whether or not they're here to stay.

IMHO: Easy As A-B-C
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the annual return of the National Spelling Bee.