Roseanne Sliney’s Push To Change The Law For Sex Abuse Survivors
A survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a relative, Roseanne Sliney worked hard as an adult to overcome the trauma and find healing. But when she sued her abuser in 2012, her case was dismissed because the statute of limitations for civil claims had passed — a common occurrence for many.

So, Sliney turned to Beacon Hill and worked with lawmakers to pass a law extending the statute of limitations to when a survivor is 53 years old. The Supreme Judicial Court affirmed the new law in 2014, and on Monday, a judge from the Middlesex Superior Court ruled in her favor in her lawsuit, ordering her abuser to pay up to $1.6 million.

Jim Braude was joined by Roseanne Sliney and her attorney, Carmen Durso, who was also one of the lead counsels representing 552 clergy sex abuse survivors.

So Long, Plymouth Pilgrim Plant — Sort Of
After nearly a half century of operation, Plymouth's controversial Pilgrim nuclear power plant is slated to shut down at the end of this month. But as Adam Reilly reports, for the plant's neighbors, the story isn't finished — it's just entering a new phase.

Boston Metro Area Grows Much More Diverse — But Equity Lags
A new report from the Boston Foundation released Wednesday highlights the increasing racial and ethnic diversity of the Greater Boston area, much of which has been driven by immigration. In the past 25 years, the non-white population of Boston has grown by more than 60 percent — and in the Boston metro region, by a full 250 percent. The change has led to many suburbs close to the city — such as Malden, Randolph and Brockton — joining Boston proper to become majority people of color. But as the region has changed, economic equality and political representation have not kept up.

To discuss what’s changed, and what still needs to, Jim Braude was joined by Lisa Wong, town manager for Winchester and former mayor of Fitchburg, and Juana Matias, COO of MassInc and a former state representative for Lawrence and former congressional candidate.

IMHO: Reparations And Accusations
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how President Donald Trump managed to make a discussion about reparations for the horrors of slavery all about himself.