AG Barr Faces Capitol Hill Grilling On His Handling Of Mueller Report
Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress on Wednesday, facing sharp questions from lawmakers over his handling of the Mueller report. The hearing came on the heels of reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had sent Barr a letter in late March, telling him that his four-page summary of the Special Counsel’s findings “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of its conclusions. This — and his often indirect style of answering questions led — to grilling from several members of Congress, including Sen. Mazie Hirono’s accusations that Barr lied to Congress and should resign.

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Jim Braude was joined by attorney Michael Zeldin, a legal analyst for CNN and a resident fellow at the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School; former U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz and former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan.

New Rules For Ride Shares At Logan
Starting October 1, most rideshare passengers going to Logan airport will get dropped off in a parking garage, not curbside at the terminal. Given how many people take Uber or Lyft to get there, this new rule has rankled plenty of passengers. But not everyone is complaining. Arun Rath reports on one group which stands to benefit from the change.

Lean Out?
It's been nearly a decade since Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg called on women to "lean in" at work in order to rise in the ranks. But a recent viral Facebook post from local working mom Sarah Friedberg called for a different rallying cry: to lean out. Friedberg wrote that she was tired of the long list of societal expectations placed on women who choose to both have children and work outside the home.

Jim Braude was joined by Friedberg to hear more of her message to other women — and to men.

IMHO: The Clinton Show
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the Bill and Hillary Clinton road show that came to Boston this week.