California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter and his wife were indicted on charges that they diverted campaign money to pay for personal and family expenses.

Early in 2016 the San Diego Union Tribune asked Hunter about some of his campaign spending, The expenses included his childrens' school tuition, video games, and an oral surgeon. The Federal Election Commission began investigating, and so did the non-partisan Office of Congressional Ethics, the House Ethics Committee, and finally federal prosecutors.

A 48-page indictment released by the Department of Justice on Tuesday alleges that Hunter and his wife Margaret spent more than $250,000 of campaign donors' money on family expenses like trips, groceries and theater tickets.

The indictment states they fabricated campaign expenses to mask what tehy were using the money to cover. Dental work, for example, was listed as donations to a charity called "Smiles for Life."

Hunter's lawyer said the Justice Department sought the Congressman's indictment because he among the first to endorse Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The Republican lawmaker and his wife are scheduled to be arraigned in a federal court in California on Thursday.

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