On Court-Ordered Reunification Day, Many Families Separated At The Border Remain Apart
Today is family reunification day for those who were separated at the border by the Trump Administration, but only 1,012 of the 2,551 kids separated from their parents have been reunited. Will it ever happen? And does the U.S. government care? Executive Director of the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union Carol Rose, and immigration attorney Jeffrey Goldman, who has represented 11 separated families — 9 of which have been reunited — joined Jim Braude to discuss.

Boston Police Officers Behind ‘Cop-Pool-Karaoke’ Join Greater Boston For An Encore Performance
Boston Police officers Kim Taveres and Stephen McNulty joined Jim Braude for an encore performance of their viral ‘Cop Pool Karaoke’ video.

Must-Sees And Must-Dos For The Last Nine Saturdays Of Summer In Boston
James Beard-nominated restaurateur Tiffani Faison, chef and owner of Tiger Mama, Sweet Cheeks Q, and the forthcoming Fool’s Errand; and Boston Globe travel columnist Christopher Muther joined Jim Braude to discuss their fun in the sun ideas for the rest of the summer.

IMHO: Four Day Work Week
Jim doesn't want to say "I told you so," but a long-fought crusade of his is gaining steam in workplaces.