Is There Rhyme Or Reason To President Trump’s Recent Pardons and Commutations?
President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson this week after Kim Kardashian West personally pleaded her case at the White House. So how does he decide to whom he grants clemency? And would he really consider pardoning himself? Jim Braude was joined by former U.S attorney Michael Sullivan, now a partner at Ashcroft Law and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Dan Small, now a partner at Holland and Knight, to discuss.

As Mayoral Summit Starts, Activists Urge Marty Walsh To Do More On Climate Change
Mayor Marty Walsh is hosting two big events this week: The International Mayor’s Climate Change Summit and the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Boston. But as Walsh gears up to take the world stage on an issue he's talked about with plenty of passion over the years — he’s also getting some criticism from advocates who say that passion hasn't turned into much action so far. Adam Reilly has the story.

Local Actress Andria Blackman On Her New Film “Chappaquiddick” And The Boston-Area Film Scene
Andria Blackman, an East Bridgewater native, joined Jim Braude to discuss her role as Joan Kennedy in the film “Chappaquiddick,” and how she broke into the industry from Boston.

IMHO: The Cost Of Rising Executive Pay
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on CEO pay and the recent disclosure from the Toys‘R’Us bankruptcy, in which employees received no severance, but executives received million-dollar bonuses.