What Do The Mueller Questions Mean For Donald Trump?
The New York Times has reported leaked questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller plans to ask President Trump as part of the Russia investigation. So who leaked the information? Why? And should thepresident be concerned? Jim Braude was joined by Martha Coakley, formerattorney general and federal organized crime prosecutor, now partner at Foley Hoag, and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Singal — now apartner at Barrett & Singal to discuss.

Genetic Privacy Concerns Emerge After Police Search Public DNA Site To Find The Golden State Killer
The capture of the Golden State Killer suspect has raised new privacy and ethical concerns with the use of genetic profiling, familial DNA, and genetic databases. Jim Braude was joined by Johnny Kung, the director of new initiatives at the Personal Genetic Education Project at Harvard Medical School, and Kade Crockford, director of the technology for liberty program at the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts to discuss.

The #MeToo Movement Has An Ally: Manbassadors
The “MeToo” movement has given a platform and powerful voice to women speaking out about both sexual misconduct and everyday gender inequities. But a group of men have also been trying to create a more level playing field for their female peers and shape the conscience of a new generation of business leaders and before #MeToo started. Stephanie Leydon has the report.

IMHO: Give The Teachers What They Need
Jim Braude weighs in on the wave of teacher strikes sweeping the country.