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Greater Boston Full Show: 01/10/19

Cohen To Testify, Manafort Accused Of Giving Russian Data
News broke today that President Trump’s former "fixer" and lawyer, Michael Cohen, will be testifying in front of Congress — following his guilty plea and December sentencing to three years in prison for a range of crimes committed while working for Trump.

Earlier this week, it was reported that former Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort has been accused by prosecutors of passing polling data to someone who works for Russian intelligence. That revelation provided more potential evidence of direct cooperation between the Trump 2016 campaign and the Russian government.

To discuss the latest on the Mueller investigation and what it all means, Jim Braude was joined by retired federal judge Nancy Gertner, who is now a senior lecturer at Harvard Law; and former U.S. attorney Don Stern, who worked alongside Robert Mueller both during his stint with the Department of Justice and in private practice at Hale and Dorr.

What’s Up With These ‘Secret Courts’?
The Boston Globe Spotlight Team reported last fall on Massachusetts’ unique system of "secret courts," places where defendants can have hearings before magistrates, rather than judges, and have their charges dropped without ever creating a public record of it. Proponents say the system keeps minor private disputes out of the overburdened criminal justice system, but the reporters found disturbing examples of powerful people using the system to avoid scrutiny, instances of serious crimes like domestic abuse being swept under the rug, and evidence of racial disparities in the system.

Since the investigation came out in September, the Globe has continued reporting on the still-unfolding aspects of our local criminal justice system.

Jim Braude was joined by Boston Globe reporters Nicole Dungca and Todd Wallack.

Encouraging Female Hunters To Get In The Game
With a population of 6 million, Massachusetts only has about 70,000 licensed hunters. And the overwhelming majority are – you guessed it – men. But as Cristina Quinn tells us, there’s a new effort to get more women in on the action.

IMHO: Roadkill: It’s What’s For Dinner!
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on the surprising source of guilt-free protein that might just be right outside your door.

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