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Another Mass Shooting And A Mueller Investigation Update

This morning, Americans woke up to the news that another gunman walked into another crowded venue and started shooting, ultimately killing 12 people. This time, it was a bar in Thousand Oaks, California – just two weeks after a gunman murdered 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The tragic news was just one of the main headlines of the day, as CNN reported today that special counsel Robert Mueller's team has started writing their final report on the investigation into potential ties between President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. Also new: the investigation is now being overseen by Trump's pick for interim Attorney General, Matt Whitaker — a man who has called the probe a “witch hunt” in the past. But even as legal observers raise concerns about this case of the fox guarding the hen house, the Washington Post reports that Whitaker has no intention of recusing himself from that investigation — and that those around him do not believe he would approve a subpoena of the president.

Jim Braude was joined by Virginia Buckingham, former Massport CEO, and Chief of Staff for governors Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci; and Michael Curry, former president of the Boston NAACP and current chair of the national NAACP Advocacy and Policy Committee.

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