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FULL SHOW: Midterm Day; Mass. In Red & Blue; 'WET: A DACAmented Journey'; IMHO: FDA's Foolish Approval Of Something Worse Than Fentanyl

Prognosticating The Midterms As Polls Come To A Close
Taped prior to polls closing on Tuesday:
In a rarity for midterm elections, crowds have been voting in droves today. In Massachusetts, despite relatively few tight races, people traffic has been steady as well, with many voters saying they're out to make a statement about the direction of not only the state, but the country. Until polls close tonight, both parties will be watching the results intently, as the balance of the House and Senate – and any possible check on President Trump’s whims and policies – hangs in the balance.

Jim Braude was joined by Lylah Alphonse, managing editor for U.S. News and World Report; Jessica Tocco, President & CEO of A-10 Associates, who was on the Trump/Pence transition team; and Gautam Mukunda, a Harvard Kennedy School fellow and author of ‘Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter.’

Massachusetts: Not All Blue In The Trump Era
The conventional wisdom about Massachusetts’ political landscape is that it is a solid blue state. But in certain areas, Massachusetts politics are shifting, with some moving farther to the left, and others to the right. Adam Reilly reports from the two towns that have changed the most, from supporting Obama to the majority of voters going for Trump.

‘WET: A DACAmented Journey’ Takes On Timely Topic
Immigration has been the theme of the 2018 campaign season – not because the majority of voters named it their top priority, but because President Trump dug into false claims and scare tactics about immigrants as his midterm strategy. This week, his Justice Department took things a step further, asking the Supreme Court for an immediate review of its effort to end DACA, the Obama-era program that protects undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children from being deported. The Trump administration first tried to end DACA a year ago, but three federal circuit courts barred them from doing so. Now, with appeals pending, the administration is looking to fast-track the ruling, which will ultimately decide the futures of more than 600,000 young people.

Jim Braude was joined by writer and actor Alex Alpharaoh, who created a one-man show called ‘WET: A DACAmented Journey,’ about his experience as an undocumented immigrant who has built a life in the United States.

IMHO: The FDA Approves Something Worse Than Fentanyl
Jim Braude on what in the world the FDA was thinking by approving a new opioid that’s even more potent and addictive than fentanyl.

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