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Full Show: Apologizing... Again; Shared Experience; What's A Lie?; Double Standard?

Apologizing… Again: MSNBC Defends Joy Reid
Another day, another headache for Joy Reid and MSNBC. Actually, make that multiple headaches — all going back to the long, embarrassing trail that Reid has left online.

Controversy Over CNN Report On Morgan Freeman
Last week, a team from CNN reported that actor Morgan Freeman frequently made unwanted comments and sexual gestures toward women. One of them — entertainment reporter Chloe Melas — says she started digging into Freeman’s past because he made unwanted comments to her. Now, Freeman wants a retraction and an apology from CNN.

What’s A Lie? Reporters Criticized For Language Used To Characterize Trump Falsehoods
Since the election of Donald Trump, few questions have divided the press more than whether or not to call the president a liar. New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman reignited that debate when she sent out this tweet last weekend saying, "Trump told two demonstrable falsehoods this AM," referring to immigration policy and an off-the-record press briefing. Many attacked Haberman, asking why she didn’t call what Trump said “lies,” plain and simple.

Double Standard? Media Mocks Kardashian-Trump Meeting
Typically, Kim Kardashian is a media magnet — between her reality show, multimillion dollar fame empire and unpredictable husband, rapper Kanye West — she makes a big splash. But when Kardashian visited Pennsylvania Avenue to push for prison reform, the press was not so amenable.

Rants & Raves
A review of the week in media.

Emily Rooney was joined by WGBH's Adam Reilly, Lylah Alphonse of the U.S. News & World Report, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University, and former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian.

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