Can President Trump Weather Stormy Daniels?
‘60 Minutes’ received the best ratings they’ve gotten in a decade with the Stormy Daniels interview, but is the story worth all the attention it’s getting? Jim Braude was joined by Lisa Lerer, national politics reporter for The Associated Press, and Harvard Nieman fellow and Joan Vennochi, a Boston Globe columnist, to discuss.
A Girl Who Likes Guns (And Thinks The Other Kids Have It All Wrong)

While thousands took part in the March for Our Lives on Saturday, not all their peers shared the same sentiment. Stephanie Leydon introduces us to a local activist of a different kind — a girl who likes guns.
Students Rally Tens Of Thousands For Boston ‘March For Our Lives’
Hundreds of thousands stepped out for the March for Our Lives last weekend, but as several speakers, noted gun violence is not a school-only issue. Jim Braude was joined by three of the organizers of the Boston March for Our Lives — Vikiana Petit-Homme, a junior at Boston Latin Academy, Laura-Luiza Gouvea, a sophomore at Somerville High School,  and Charlotte Lowell, a senior at Andover High School — who say they are not done yet.
IMHO: They’re Already Leading, Let Teens Vote
Jim Braude shares his thoughts on common sense reform after the nationwide March For Our Lives rallies: lowering the voting age and letting 16- and 17-year-olds have real representation.