“No,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren told Jim Braude on Greater Boston when he hinted about her possible run for president in 2020. “I do have a race in 2018. I’m all in on that. I take nothing for granted,” she said. Last week, Rep. Geoff Diehl — a Republican from Whitman and longtime supporter of President Donald Trump — announced his 2018 run for Senate. It’s a race in which he ultimately hopes to face off against Warren — and he is already on the attack. At his kick-off rally, he accused her of focusing more on her national profile than getting things done in Washington.

It's an annual debate on Beacon Hill: will there or won't there be a sales tax-free weekend in August? This year, it's not looking good for retailers and shoppers who may have been counting on one, because state lawmakers have been wary of saying yes in a time of continuing revenue shortfalls. Governor Charlie Baker proposed a tax holiday for August 19 and 20, but today lawmakers shipped that proposal to committee, where other bills like it have been sitting for months. President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts Jon Hurst, who is leading the charge to put a holiday and a permanent sales tax cut on the 2018 ballot, and Chris Dempsey, director of Transportation for Massachusetts, join Jim to debate.

 Jim shares how he feels about the fraud conviction of “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, and what he thinks President Trump should take away from the situation.