President Trump hits his 100-day milestone this weekend. Over the last few months, he has tweeted less and with fewer capital letters. He has also shifted and scaled back on certain positions. Is it clueless flip-flopping? Or has the presidency changed him? Former chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party Jennifer Nassour and Dan Primack, business editor at Axios, joined Jim to discuss.

If you’re a political junkie who’s been waiting for the Boston mayor’s race to take off, you’re probably a bit disappointed. So far, Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson’s quest to unseat Mayor Marty Walsh has been decidedly short on drama. So here’s a modest proposal: instead, direct your attention to the gritty, heavily Latino city of Lawrence, where the 2017 mayoral election is shaping up to be downright Shakespearean.

Just two years ago, Boston was in the middle of one of the most epic showdowns in the city’s history—whether or not we should host the 2024 Olympic Games. In January 2015, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced Boston would be the U.S. entry. With that came seven months of selling, debate, protest and rowdy meetings around the city. A new group formed in opposition called No Boston Olympics. Then, suddenly, on July 27th, Mayor Marty Walsh announced the bid was over. The speed and timing of the announcement was a shock to nearly all involved, but the road to that day was a long and winding one. Now, it’s the subject of a new book called “No Boston Olympics: How and Why Smart Cities Are Passing on the Torch.”

Jim weighs in after controversial political commentator Ann Coulter was forced to cancel a planned speech on immigration at the University of California Berkeley for fear of violence.