The presidential election may attract all the attention, but Massachusetts voters are poised to vote this November on charter schools, animal welfare, marijuana legalization and gambling — all in the form of ballot questions.
The results will dictate policy for years to come, impacting everyone from Boston to the Berkshires. But how do these questions make it onto your ballot? Who is paying to get them there? Who is working to sway your vote?
Join the investigators at The Eye and WGBH News as we dig into ballot question campaign financing with the help of citizen journalists, volunteering their time for one night at WGBH studios in Brighton.
What: A hands-on event where volunteers sift through campaign finance data to better understand the funding sources behind voter initiatives that will be on the Massachusetts ballot this fall.
Who: Engaged citizens who care about democracy — no coding experience necessary.
Where: The studios of WGBH News, 1 Guest Street, Brighton, MA.
When Tuesday, October 25, 6 pm to 8 pm