Students in WGBH News contributor Dan Kennedy’s Digital Storytelling and Social Media class at Northeastern University have been covering a week-long protest aimed at pushing the administration to divest its holdings in fossil-fuel companies.

Starting October 3, more than 100 students have been taking part in the protests, with some of them camping out on the university’s Centennial Common as well. The action has been organized by the student group DivestNU.

“The reason we are here is to push our university to reconcile its relationship to the fossil-fuel industry and answer the calls of its student body to end its legitimization of what is a rogue industry,” DivestNU co-founder Austin Williams told Rowena Lindsay, a reporter with the Huntington News, the independent student newspaper.

So far, Lindsay writes, the administration has not responded beyond expressing support for the students’ right to protest. The occupation is ongoing as of today.

Over the past several days, five of Kennedy’s students have published photo stories about the occupation on their blogs. The students and links to their work follow.

In addition, two other students, Elise Harmon and Caroline Boschetto, both of the Huntington News, have posted video interviews with some of the protesters.