It’s the biggest story this month: #CargoGate, which Boston Mayor Marty Walsh walked right into over the weekend. Fashion Blogger Elissa Garza (@style_wire) joined Jim on Tuesday night to discuss the fashion statement, or faux pas, depending on what side you're on here. 

Garza said that cargo shorts are unflattering, look sloppy, and look unprofessional. She said that the defense that the pockets are great doesn't make sense, because people often don't carry anything in their pockets. Many girlfriends ask their boyfriends to carry things for them in their pockets, yet women often carry their own purses. On what is worse, fanny packs or cargo shorts, Garza said that are equally offensive. But she said that socks with sandals are worse than cargo pants. On Speedo's, Garza said that "if you got it, flaunt it."