After at least two stints in prison, dozens of court appearances and multiple violent run-ins with police, Jorge Zambrano was out on the streets, free to shoot and kill Auburn police officer, Ronald Tarentino. How was this allowed to happen? Former Cambridge Police Officer & Assistant United States Attorney, Natashia Tidwell, and Retired Superior Court of Massachusetts Judge Isaac Borenstein discuss.

The political ad wars are on and opening old wounds. With the two front-runners now neck and neck, how low will the personal attacks go? Former Brookline Selectman Jesse Mermell(@jessemermell) and Rep. Keiko Orrall(@KeikoOrrall) discuss. 

Adam Reilly(@reillyadam) shows us how the Green line extension may be hurting the very people it was supposed to help.

And Jim's thoughts on an historic military confirmation just five years after the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."