The U.S. Supreme Court considered on Thursday whether to hear the case of a group of parishioners who have been holding vigil in a Scituate churchfor more than 11 years.

The Parishioners vowed to exhaust all legal options to stop the Archdiocese of Boston from closing their church. The Archdiocese sued to evict them, and now it’s gone all the way to the Supreme Court, which is deciding whether to weigh in.

“First of all, we believe this is separation of church and state—that these matters shouldn’t be before the court," said Jon Rogers, one of the group's leaders. "And if they are before the court, to what extent can they be reviewed? So we’re asking them for clarity. We’re asking them for a standard from which everybody can operate.”

The Supreme Court accepts few such cases. The parishioners have said they’ll leave the church if the justices turn them down. They could know as soon as Monday if that’s the case.