Boston City Councilor, Andrea Joy Campbell's  youngest staffer is 19 years old. The energetic councilwomen joined Callie Crossley to discuss her first 100 days in office, body cameras, the work she is doing as a black Boston Latin alum, the budget, and what's next for her office.

"Body cameras are THE issue," Campbell says. "I didn't want to just have hearing a t the council, I wanted to go out into the community." Campbell's three hearings have drawn some criticism for their diversity, but she is confident in her approach. 

"We did three meetings Dorchester, Roslindale, and Charlestown... We don't want to see body cameras rolled out in just specific neighborhoods," she says, "we have to have ones to compare." The hearings, she says, are about making sure more folks are pulled into the conversation.

Another conversation Campbell is working on deepening, is one at her alma mater, Boston Latin. "The situation dealing with race and inequity is bigger than BLS. I would not have gone to Princeton or UCLA law without that education." But, she says "I'm aware of experiences my friends of color have had at BLS."

The focus, Campbell argues should be on the wider issues, but that doesn't mean  individual experiences at Boston Latin don't matter. "The only case that came out of the investigation was a case that I helped with," she shares. Campbell keeps her focus city wide though: "we need to explore any and all tools to increase the number of students of color.... We can't question meritocracy, but we can ask the question do all these kids have a fair shot?"

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