The times may be changing when it comes to tobacco purchases. Should it be limited to 21-plus? President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, Jon Hurst( @RetailersofMA) and Director of Public Health and Human Services in Brookline, Alan Balsam, discuss. 

Body cameras on police officers. After a series of high-profile cases alleging police brutality across the country over the past year, there has been an increased call to wire officers to record video. WGBH's Adam Reilly ( @reillyadam) looks at how they're being implemented in one suburb.

A new study has the lazy and time-strapped all cheering. It claims one minute of intense exercise is all you need to stay fit. Owner and Founder of BURN Fitness, Jonathan Cruz( @BurnFitBoston), discusses. 

And keeping up with the Cruzichs.