Big legal and political questions for Mayor Marty Walsh, with a federal investigation into union strong-arm tactics and claims of a wiretapped conversation with the mayor, just to start. Walsh says he's done nothing wrong and wants to move on. But could more trouble be around the bend?  Former United States Attorney Michael Sullivan( @MikeSullivanMA) and Criminal Defense Attorney  Stephanie Soriano-Millsdiscuss. 

Former National Finance Chair for the DNC, Alan Solomont, and Former Chairwoman for the Massachusetts Republican Party, Jennifer Nassour ( @JenniferNassour) discuss the role young voters will play in the election and whether a unified party is an oxymoron in 2016.

Retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich ( @AndrewBacevich) talks about his new book about four decades of futile American military operations in the Middle East.

And funding in Boston public schools for dealing with trauma.