Mayor Marty Walsh signaled Friday he is prepared to close public schools to streamline the budget, he said on Boston Public Radio.

"There's going to be, at some point, consolidations of schools," Walsh said. 

Walsh said he was waiting on an assessment of all 128 school buildings in the city to determine "where it makes most sense" to close some schools and improve others.

"We are going to get to that point, but before we do that there has to be a plan," Walsh said. "Parents, students and teachers and everyone has to understand this is going to be good for the district."

A report commissioned by the city last year from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company said that only 54,000 of 93,000 total seats in public schools were filled.

Walsh also doubled down on his earlier charge that some students who participated in the walkout earlier this month to protest the new budget were being fed misinformation by adults.

"The adults behind the scenes are hiding behind something, rather than coming out," Walsh said.

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