ISIS claims responsibility for the Brussels attacks. Security is tightened across Europe and the United States, and leaders around the world vow action. Special Correspondent for PRI The World, Jeb Sharp( @jebsharp), and Founder of the Western Jihadism Project, Jytte Klausen, discuss why Brussels is becoming the terror capital of Europe.

State Senator Jason Lewis ( @SenJasonLewis) headed up the legislative study committee, and he's saying no to marijuana legalization. 

AOBiome's Chief Scientist and Co-Founder,  David Whitlock, hasn't showered in 13 years. Whitlock and AOBiome's Product Developer Jasmina Aganovic ( @JasminaAganovic) discuss the joys of live bacteria and the perils of soap. 

And the crisis GE's CEO needs to address when he visits Boston this week.