A quick recap of the events of Super Tuesday Part III. We're another man down in the Race to the White House, after Marco Rubio failed to win his home state.

"While it is not God's plan that I be President in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that I've even come this far is evidence of how special America truly is," said Rubio.

As expected by most, the Trump and Clinton victories were sound.

Missouri is still keeping things interesting. Trump and Clinton both won in the state by less than one percent. So recounts are possible. Regardless, Trump and Clinton both built on their delegates leads last night.  But for those of you wondering whether this was it and it's over on either side...

Sanders said, "the reason that we have defied all expectations is that we are doing something very radical in American politics, we're telling the truth." Cruz said, "We continue to gain delegates and continue our march to 1237." And Kasich said, "Were going to go all the way to Cleveland and secure the republican nomination."

And it's not just those guys hanging in there. 

A group of conservative leaders will meet in Washington tomorrow to talk about the possibility of putting up someone for a third-party run. Among the names being tossed around, the man who was pulled into a House Speaker job he said he didn't want, Paul Ryan.