Jade Helm-By any stretch, fears that the Jade Helm exercise is a prelude to a military occupation of Texas are little more than kooky conspiracy theories. Is the press coverage lending legitimacy to those fears?

Major Garrett The CBS reporter is under fire for his question to President Obama. Was it just a pointed question, editorializing, or plain rude? What decorum does the President deserve at press conferences?

Double Fault? – Critics say a New York Times article looking at body image and female tennis players was sexist and racist. Is the criticism legitimate?

#investifarted-How a Globe tweet went viral. 

Rants & Raves- Northeastern University's  Dan Kennedy  ( @dankennedy_nu), Nieman Lab's Joshua Benton ( @jbenton), WGBH's  Callie Crossley ( @CallieCrossley), and WGBH's  Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) share their media hits and misses for the week.