We’ve decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana and said OK to its medical use. Is outright legalization the next step? Should it be? We discuss the issue of marijuana in Massachusetts with State Rep. David Rogers, a Cambridge Democrat who’s co-sponsoring the pending bill that would legalize marijuana; and Walpole PD Deputy Chief John Carmichael, who opposes the bill.

The city of Cambridge is trying out a new system to decide how to spend its money called participatory budgeting, with anyone 12 and older voting on how to spend half a million dollars. Meanwhile, the MBTA was just a bit more crowded this morning, as dozens of lawmakers took to the tracks. But to what end? We’ll take up those questions with our nightly caucus: Cambridge City Councilor Nadeem MazenTiziana Dearing, who teaches social innovation and leadership at Boston College, and Jennifer Nassour, the founder of Conservative Women for a Better Future.

WGBH Arts Editor Jared Bowen took Jim to the theater and see a play like no other, Company One Theatre's production of "Shockheaded Peter," a musical based on a popular German children’s book written in 1845.

Finally, hear Jim out on Donald Trump as a Republican candidate for president in 2016.