Get a closer look at the Marathon bombing trial, what each side is really trying to accomplish, and whether they’re succeeding, with WGBH News reporter Adam Reilly and GroundTruth Project Executive Director Charles Sennott

Next, our nightly caucus takes up what ails the MBTA and whether the T-word, "taxes," is part of the cure. Hear from Charlie Chieppo, of the Pioneer institute, Michael Curry, president of the NAACP in Boston, and Shirley Leung, a business columnist at the Boston Globe on that, as well as gender quotas and the future of City Hall Plaza.

Then we meet the man who helped revitalize one of Boston’s toughest areas in a new series we’re starting called "Greater Bostonian."

Finally, hear Jim out on why, in his words, "New Hampshire, the first primary state, has far too much power."