There was a massive police presence around Kenmore Square and Boston University Sunday night following the Patriots Super Bowl win. The police stood back and watched as people spilled out of the bars and danced in the closed-off streets.

A police officer who identified himself as Officer Leydon told said he was happy for the team and the fans.

“Boston police love the Pats, and we love Pats fans," Leydon said. " … It’s been great. They’ve really been good. They’re good fans, they work with us. They’ve really been great.”

Some fans complimented police for their response and had their photos taken with officers. But others were less happy. Police shut down pedestrian access at several key intersections around Kenmore Square, which blocked Owen and Lisa Smith from getting where they wanted to go.

“You know, why do they have to inconvenience everyone in the city because they have a game," Owen Smith said. "It’s an excessive response."

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said late last week that police would show restraint in an effort to reduce confrontations.