The Market Basket saga is coming to an end after a showdown, an ultimatum and now word of a possible resolution. However, it's uncertain as of Wednesday night whether Arthur S. Demoulas will accept an offer to purchase the company from the CEO he ousted, his cousin, Arthur T. Demoulas.

Protesting Market Basket workers now have something else to consider: an ultimatum from the company to show up for work by Friday or face termination. 

Wednesday at the chain's flagship store in Chelsea, the mood was subdued. A few workers picketed outside as a small number of shoppers picked through what remains on store shelves. The depressed foot-traffic is having an effect on nearby businesses. The dramatic slowdown in business with no end in sight is causing anxiety among Market Basket employees who are looking for any signs that they'll still have a job. 


Angie Castillo is a customer service associate who has been with the company for six years

Emma Cunneen is an assistant front-end manager who has been the with company for four years