The Last Resort


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WGBH is taking an in-depth look at the casino gambling debate in Massachusetts and what it means for those of us living and working in the Commonwealth with The Last Resort, a special TV and Radio series airing through April 15 on WGBH 2, 89.7 WGBH and WCAI. Morning Edition, All Things Considered, The Takeaway, The Emily Rooney Show, The Callie Crossley Show, Greater Boston, and Basic Black are covering the issue from every angle. We want you to help shape the debate by adding your voice to the conversation below.
Shape the debate
Does the impending passage of casino gambling legislation enhance or diminish Deval Patrick’s legacy?
"Deval Patrick’s casino development bill would create the Gaming Control Authority. However, evidence of casino outcomes in other states indicates unequivocally that the two directives of the Gaming Authority, to protect resident wellbeing and to preserve the competitive nature of gambling, are contradictory."
Gambling by the numbers
On April 14, Massachusetts House lawmakers approved a bill to license two resort-style casinos and allow up to 3,000 slot machines at the state's four race tracks by a veto-proof majority of 120-37.
37 states have some form of legalized gambling.
From the American Gaming Association
One net job is lost each year for each operating slot machine.
From United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts
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Latest coverage from WGBH
Greater Boston: Will the Mass. casino bill pass?

    July 29, 2010

Casino For most of the year, casinos in Massachusetts seemed like a sure bet. But lawmakers and Gov. Patrick have until midnight on Saturday to reconcile their differences, if they want to pass a casino bill this session.
Greater Boston Special Presentation: The Last Resort

    April 15, 2010

Deleo As the Bay State edges closer to passing expanded gambling legislation, Greater Boston examines the pros and cons of bringing casino gambling and racinos to Massachusetts. We travel to nearby Twin Rivers in Rhode Island and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut to see the effect casinos and slot machines have had in those two states.
Basic Black: Casinos and communities of color

    April 15, 2010

Basic Black89.7 WGBH Reporter Phillip Martin moderates a discussion on how casinos could impact communities of color in Massachusetts, and what it says about the political and economic leadership of our communities.
The Callie Crossley Show: Is this the last resort?

    April 15, 2010

Callie CrossleyIs casino gambling in the state the last resort? Did policy makers exhaust all other options? 89.7 WGBH's Callie Crossley explores these questions and more. Plus, a look at gambling through the lens of American cinema.
Key players at the table
deval patrick"The concern is this: that we'll get the slots and we won't get the casinos - and we need the jobs. The jobs come with the casinos."
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robert deleo"There is no doubt in my mind that there is a social cost to gaming... but there is a social cost to joblessness as well."
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mass. senate president therese murray
"You need destination casinos if you're going to do it. You need hotel and restaurant jobs. You need construction jobs... slots at the tracks, that doesn't do it for me."
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state senator susan tucker"Predatory gambling is another kind of Madoff something-for-nothing scheme, which is why it will harm, not rescue, our economy."
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kathleen norbut"We need an independent cost-benefit analysis. We are so far down the road with these discussions and we didn’t even start at the beginning... we need to have a balanced discussion."
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mitchell etess"The greatest possible tax revenues will be generated by a high-quality destination resort casino that produces gaming, sales, employee income, and property taxes."
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Complete coverage from WGBH
The Emily Rooney Show: The Last Resort
Emily RooneyEmily Rooney looks at the passage of the gambling bill with “gambling guru” Senator Stanley Rosenberg, trends in state revenues from gambling, the effect of gambling in Detroit, and how compulsive gambling effects families.
89.7 WGBH Special Report: The Wonder in Wonderland
WonderlandCan passage of the gaming bill bring slot machines and new jobs to under-used dog and horse racing facilities and put the wonder back in Wonderland?
89.7 WGBH Special Report: Hoping for a Miracle
New Bedford As lawmakers debate hosting only two casinos in the state, concerns are growing that southeastern Massachusetts could, once again, be forgotten.
89.7 WGBH Special Report: Branching Out
Mohegan Office in Palmer, MAConnecticut's Mohegan Sun is putting its money on Palmer — a small town just off the turnpike in Western Massachusetts — in hopes that lawmakers approve the development of resort casinos in Massachusetts.
89.7 WGBH Special Report: Mirage
Middleborough Casino VoteAs lawmakers begin debate on the expansion of gambling in the state, Middleborough residents have not forgotten how the battle over a casino tore their southeastern Massachusetts town apart.
Greater Boston: DeLeo unveils casino proposal
House Speaker Robert DeLeoHouse Speaker Robert DeLeo unveiled his much-anticipated casino proposal on Thursday which includes two resort-style casinos and slot machines for the state's struggling racetracks. DeLeo believes the casinos would create as many as 15,000 jobs.
Greater Boston: Casino rallies at the State House
CasinosSupporters and opponents of casino gambling rallied at the State House on March 31 to make their respective cases. Jared Bowen reports.
Greater Boston: Lynn Malerba, chief of the Mohegan Tribe
poker tableFor the first time in nearly 300 years, a woman is heading up the Mohegans, the tribe that runs the Mohegan Sun casino and is looking to expand into Palmer, MA. Lynn Malerba, the new chief, joins Emily.
Greater Boston: Casinos and the arts
poker tableSpeaker Robert DeLeo put his cards on the table, pushing for two resort-style casinos and slot machines at the state’s racetracks. Emily Rooney is joined by Troy Siebels, executive director of Worcester's Hanover Theatre, who says casinos would have a crippling effect on local arts, and economist Clyde Barrows, who says casinos would give a boost to local theater venues.
Greater Boston: Speaker Robert DeLeo
Robert DeLeo Robert DeLeo took over as Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives just over a year ago. He joins Emily to talk about the future of casino gambling, taxes, and the state’s economy.
The Emily Rooney Show: Gambling in Massachusetts
emily rooney Emily discusses the issue of casinos and slots in Massachusetts with Mariellen Burns, Sen. Bob Hedlund, and Peter Canellos.
The Callie Crossley Show: Casinos in Massachusetts
callie crossleyCallie Crossley discusses the issue of casinos in Massachusetts with Peter Kadzis, executive editor of the Boston Phoenix; Arnie Arnesen, radio and TV commentator; and Sue O'connell, co-publisher, South End News and Bay Windows.
Greater Boston: Are casinos in Massachusetts inevitable?
Roulette WheelLegalized gambling in the Bay State holds the promise of jobs for workers and a new revenue source for the state. But will the projected revenue cover the social toll? Rep. Martin Walsh, who supports bringing casinos to Massachusetts, and Rep. Denise Provost, who believes the economic benefit has not yet been demonstrated, join Emily.
Greater Boston: Christy Mihos
Christy Mihos on Greater BostonRepublican candidate for governor Christy Mihos voices his support for expanded sports betting and slot machines. Mihos also says he opposes casinos in Massachusetts.
Greater Boston: Cahill on slot parlors
Tim CahillState Treasurer Tim Cahill pushes for licensing three slot parlors across Massachusetts as an alternative to resort casinos. Cahill says the slot parlors could eventually lead to resort casinos in Massachusetts.

Does the impending passage of casino gambling legislation enhance or diminish Deval Patrick’s legacy?