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Caitlin Moran on BPR, 7/11

Caitlin Moran's New Novel 'How To Be Famous' Is Perfect For The #MeToo Era

Caitlin Moran
Author Caitlin Moran joined Boston Public Radio at the WGBH Studio at the Boston Public Library.
Tori Bedford/WGBH News
Caitlin Moran on BPR, 7/11

Writer and journalist Caitlin Moran's new novel, "How To Be Famous" — the second part in a coming-of-age trilogy and the sequel to "How To Build A Girl" — following the travails of Johanna Morrigan, a young music journalist coming of age during London's Britpop explosion.

While the setting may be the 1990s, the themes couldn't be more relevant today: To find her way in her male-dominated industry, Morrigan must navigate sexual harassment at work, relationships with toxic men, and finding women compatriots to help her get through it all.

Morrigan has consensual sex with a brash male comedian — who, it is later revealed, secretly filmed the encounter and circulates it among her peers. At first, Morrigan suppresses her anger. But then she fights back.

“The idea of the book is: what can you do when you’re being sexually shamed, when you’ve been sexually blackmailed?” Moran said.

“Women think that by keeping quiet or making ourselves small or not making a fuss, it will protect us," Moran said. "It doesn’t. These things will chew you up inside, and have consequences for your career. You have to learn to talk about it."

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