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BPR Full Show Post: 3/08

For the fourth year in a row, Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Public Radio host Jim Braude got buzz-cuts at Granite Telecommunication's annual "Saving By Shaving" event to raise awareness for Dana Farber and to support pancreatic cancer research.
Office of Gov. Charlie Baker via Flickr
  • Chuck Todd of Meet The Press talked over Trump's trade war.
  • Former Sheriff of Suffolk County Andrea Cabral explained how Boston police rebuffed federal requests to detain immigrants for possible deportation.
  • We opened up the lines to you about the off-kilter way a California McDonald's honored International Women's Day.
  • Former Massachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville gave his take on student protesters after the Parkland shooting.
  • Gov. Charlie Baker took our questions and yours for this month's Ask The Governor.


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