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FULL SHOW: The Art Of A Deal; Running The World; Papal Complicity?

Today, there's good news out of Washington, D.C. In a rare show of bipartisanship —  the Senate managed to reach an agreement that keeps the government open for two years, not two weeks. The plan would boost military and non-defense spending by $300 billion and includes more than $80 billion in disaster relief. Though the House already passed its own spending bill, the Senate version still needs approval. House conservatives are expected to balk at the idea of raising the debt ceiling and Democrats say they're holding the line— no DACA, no deal. Chief of Staff John Kelly added his voice to the mix, calling Dreamers “lazy” and telling them that they “should have probably gotten off the couch and signed up.” What happened to the President urging unity at the State of the Union? And what’s next? Jim Braude was joined by Lauren Dezenski, a POLITICO reporter, freelance journalist Joanna Weiss, and State House News Reporter Andy Metzger to discuss.

How many Democratic congressional candidates can you squeeze onto one stage? It sounds like the set-up to a mildly humorous joke. But in the crowded Third District congressional race, it’s a serious question. For the record, on Tuesday night in Hudson, the answer was: 13. A baker’s dozen of Democrats packed the stage at that town's Portuguese Club, sitting awkwardly close together and weighing in on everything from the environment to surveillance to President Trump.

Around the world in 80 days is not nearly fast enough for runner Becca Pizzi, who recently ran seven different marathons, on seven different continents, in just seven days. She just finished her second World Marathon Challenge over the weekend, becoming the first person to ever run the race twice. Pizzi still holds the record for fastest women's time after running the 2016 World Marathon in just 27 hours and 26 minutes. She joined Jim Braude to discuss her latest feat.

Jim Braude weighs in on why the Pope’s blind spot to sexual abuse will overshadow all the good he has done.


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