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Destiny, Prophecy, Life And Death: Chloe Benjamin On Her New Novel, 'The Immortalists'

Chloe Benjamin and her newest novel, "The Immortalists."
Nathan Jandl/Penguin Random House, Courtesy of Chloe Benjamin

"If you knew the date of your death, how would you live your life?" That's the age-old question Chloe Benjamin attempts to tackle in her new novel, "The Immortalists." The story is a family saga that spans five decades and follows the four Gold children — Varya, Klara, Daniel and Simon — as they grow into four unique characters who share a mysterious bond: in their youth, a fortune-teller told each of them when they would die.

Chloe Benjamin speaks to Callie Crossley about "The Immortalists," and how the themes of destiny, prophecy and the desire to know a little too much inspired her to write the book. "The Immortalists" is our January pick for Bookmarked: the Under the Radar book club.

"The Immortalists" is available in stores and online on Tuesday, Jan. 9. Chloe Benjamin will appear at the Harvard Book Store on Tuesday, Jan. 23.



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